Eight Geeks

Monday, September 28, 2009

Extended Arm of the Republican Party

Why does it seem to me that the white evangelicals have become the extended arm of the Republican party? I mean I know that they vote Republican for the obvious reasons of gay marriage and abortion. They don't stop there though. They're vehemently against the Democrats new Health Care proposal, and not just because of abortion funding and alleged death panels, but also because of fears of rationing. They also support the Republican low-tax and strict immigration policies. Let's not forget their denial that humans are responsible for global warming. What do taxes and global warming have to do with being a good Christian? Absolutely nothing! It looks like in order to be a good white evangelical you need to support the Republican party. It's a package deal. I guess that leaves out the black evangelicals which overwhelmingly support the Democratic Party. Yes, they are against abortion and gay marriage. But other than this, they are generally liberal. And the few black evangelicals who are Republican are the exception, not the rule. This leads me to another issue. The great racial divide in the Christian church. The most segregated time of the week is Sunday morning where whites meet in their churches and blacks in theirs. I never realized until recently how divided Christians are divided on both political and racial lines. What happened to "Love thy neighbor"?